My Favourite Television Shows

TV Shows

If my kids are sleeping or resting I take advantage and try to catch up in my favourite shows. Like everybody, I have some guilty pleasure TV shows, like the housewives of wherever and a good health care drama. I really do like watching The Star Wars Franchise with my 5-year-old son. His favorite character is obviously Darth Vader since he's got the coolest light saber. Any way , back to my own top TV shows. My listing contains Scandal, Gray's Anatomy, and the Actual House Wives.

Watching Television at night time Scandal

I actually just started watching this series, but I am obsessed. This show is a political play with Kerry Washington as a consultant to the president. It shows the backstabbing and deal-making between people in government. If you like the show House of Cards, then you would probably enjoy this too. In such kinds of shows, everybody is spying on text messages and learning one another's secrets. This show is more romantic than serious with all the name of"Scandal".

Grey's Anatomy

Yet another terrific series on the ABC system is Grey's Anatomy. I've now been watching this series for the previous five years. Luckily I was able to catch upon earlier seasons together with Netflix. The series stars Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey would be the love interests which tug on the show. Their relationship is what caused the series to continue from 2005 until today. When Dempsey left Grey's Anatomy a few years ago, ratings started declining and now the series is coming to a conclusion.

The throw of Grey's AnatomyThe Real Housewives

This last one is definitely my guilty pleasure TV series. I really don't see every season of this show but I really do like watching the housewives from New Jersey. Something about how that they act and converse with one another is really interesting if you ask me. Also, you realize that they are always gossiping about one another that makes the show so intense. If you want to take a rest from the television then take a look at my last article about balancing marriage and family.

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